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COVID-19 Growth Architecting Management Marketing

Practical Marketing Responses to 8 Likely Questions about COVID-19

We’re quickly approaching the knee of the COVID-19 infection curve in the US, with several thousand confirmed infections likely to be announced by week’s end (the date of this writing is March 9, 2020). This will most likely mean a marked increase in the public’s concern for their own and others’ safety, and the associated […]

Content Marketing

5 Things to Consider When Creating Killer Marketing Messaging

Digital marketing techniques, like “Account-Based Marketing,” for example, heavily depend on high-quality content that can draw a crowd. Now, to stand out from all the other marketing content from organizations trying to get attention also requires offering compelling thought leadership content with a differentiated point of view that highlights your advantages, but without degenerating into […]

B2B Tech Mktg Community

B2B Tech Marketing Community Weekly Newsletter: Feb 10, 2020

2020 FEBRUARY 10 FOCUS: “Precise market segmentation in the era of digital marketing”: Welcome back to our newsletter. This week, we’re continuing our exploration of important marketing topics – this edition will focus on modern practices of market and buyer segmentation. The rapid evolution of digital marketing practices and availability of machine learning-based analysis techniques […]

Demand Generation Marketing Precision Segmentation

“Precision Segmentation” – Finding Buyers in the Digital Age

“Oh my,” you say, “not another blog about segmentation, something I know a lot about. I learned about market segmentation back in my Marketing 101 class.” Well, digital marketing and machine learning leave much of that old class material in need of severe upgrading and updating. So, don’t click that back button quite yet and […]

B2B Tech Mktg Community

B2B Tech Marketing Community Weekly Newsletter: Nov 21, 2019

2019 NOVEMBER 21 FOCUS: “Building a Winning Value Proposition”: Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. This week we are focusing on new tools and approaches to building a powerful, sustainable value proposition. All too often, value propositions are fluffy slogans that fail to convince the analytical scrutiny of a seasoned, professional buyers or can’t […]

Content Marketing Value Proposition

What is “Value” in a Value Proposition?

Whenever we meet a new company, one of the first questions as we get to know them is, “what’s your value proposition?” or more colloquially, “what’s your shtick?”. In Silicon Valley, the answer often launches into some techno-jargon that sounds compellingly incomprehensible, creating the probably not unreasonable feeling that it’s designed to obfuscate a lack […]