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Making practical use of Regenerative AI in sales and marketing

Regenrative AI is a rapidly growing technology that is being used in many areas of our lives, including speech recognition and marketing chatbots. In San Francisco, where I recently encountered a self-driving car, it is becoming increasingly evident how AI is becoming a part of our daily lives.

One AI tool that stands out from the rest is the well known ChatGPT. This technology is unique in that it generates answers based on data it has been trained on and is currently available for free or you can sign up for a pay plan for a plus version for a reasonable price. We discuss how ChatGPT can benefit marketing and sales, and compare it to this list of other AI marketing and sales products that have been on a market for longer time:

Writer – Writer is a tool used by many world-class organizations, such as Twitter, Spotify, and Deloitte, for producing a large volume of on-brand content. The platform offers a range of capabilities, including content rewriting, automated content generation, and style guide development. Writer requires as well a monthly fee of $18 pre user and includes single-on options for Google and Deloitte. 

Hemingway app – Another AI tool is commonly used for writing is the Hemingway app. This platform has the ability to grade text according to US academic standards and highlight poor writing style. However, ChatGPT provides a much more comprehensive experience and includes a wider range of writing assistance.

Reply.io – Reply.io uses GPT-3, to generate emails and sales quotas. While it may be effective, it also carries a high monthly cost of $60 per user. 

Grammarly – This tool, Grammarly, is a writing correction tool that has been in use for many years and offers benefits for both academic and professional settings. However, its cost may be considered high for the level of development offered. Despite this, it has been a reliable aid for many users including myself. 

Writersonic – Generate context for blog posts, landing pages, ads, social media posts or emails. It’s using the GPT-3 language model and knows more than 20 languages. 

Jasper – Generate context with more speed and accuracy thanks to Boss Mode. It also has the ability to use grammarly, check for plagiarism and understands more than 20 languages. Jasper can generate blog context, emails, ads, social media posts or product description. 

There are many more AI tools for writing on the market. It’s up to you what features do you need and what is your budget.

After researching these AI marketing tools we decided to also see what some other marketers have to say about ChatGPT:

Kathleen Schaub (writer and strategist on the future of marketing management and organizations) commented that Google should be on their toes: 

  • “We found Chat to be outstanding at taking known facts, digesting them, and assembling them in an understandable and useful narrative. Much faster than search and it took things to the next level (and for now, no ads!). However, when the prompts were arcane (for example we tried to learn about a bird we didn’t recognize and compare some international finance trends) search was better at getting to something useful. Also, creativity? Interesting insights? not so much. Chat uses very basic language (a “script” sounded like a 4th-grader wrote it) and gets pretty repetitive if the prompts are similar. But this is just the beginning of some very interesting innovations.”

Juntae DeLane (digital branding expert and one of the best marketers of 2022) has said:

  • “ChatGPT is the most impactful tool of our decade.”

Finally, these are ways we found ChatGPT to be valuable for sales and marketing:

  • Create social media posting text
  • Generate ads text
  • Generate product description
  • Create text for landing page
  • Write sales prospecting email
  • Write zoom invite text
  • Research interest of prospects based on their title 
  • Generate unique content if you know how to master it
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cscMzoIWTYI 

ChatGPT has quickly emerged as a remarkably valuable tool to boost our ability to expand our content creation and ideation efforts. For me, and I’m not alone here, it serves as an exceptional solution to mitigate instances of writer’s block. Nevertheless, it is of utmost importance to regard it as a complementary resource that augments human creativity and productivity, rather than supplanting it. Indeed , “human in the loop” plays a pivotal role in yielding magical results, as we must bear in mind that these tools can only produce outputs of the highest quality if we furnish them with inputs of the same caliber.

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