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Fast, adaptive, and highly predictive revenue growth planning and optimization system for B2B CXOs.

WITHOUT a need for prior data or deep analytics.

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Faster Time to Revenue

  • Diagnose issues rapidly for a quicker, quantified turnaround plan
  • Launch optimized growth plan in 2 to 4 weeks
  • Gain a holistic, quantified view of your growth plan
  • Accelerate your strategy formulation by creating planning models in mere hours
  • Sync your team around your KPIs faster so you can spend less time planning

Accurate & Realistic Forecasts

  • Eliminate over-forecasting and watch your forecast hit rate spike
  • Reduce reliance on slow and flawed historical analytics
  • Ensure predictability by bringing scientific rigor to your growth planning
  • Monitor all variables early to avoid end-of-quarter surprises
  • Capture lead sources, revenue, budget and more in one holistic forecasting model

Efficient Budgets and Optimized Valuations

  • Maximize revenue gains through smarter optimization of spend per lead source
  • Optimize valuation as you are allocating budgets
  • Leverage clear baseline growth model to precisely identify optimization needs
  • Align team around clear, shared goals
  • Maximize ROI with detailed view of the relationship of spend and revenue

Clear & Precise KPIs

  • Quantify goals and KPIs to easily stay on track
  • Gain clear line of sight between KPIs and revenue
  • Account for all KPIs from all lead sources in one holistic view
  • Leverage early warnings to know if you’re tracking toward goal in less than a month

Faster Board & Executive Buy-in

  • Intuitive graphics and narratives make for convincing board and executive buy-in
  • Save time and political capital aligning executives and board to your growth strategy
  • Demonstrate how your growth plans not only optimize revenue but also your value
  • Be ready to present KPIs, verticals, value props, budget, and more in less than a month
  • Account for contingencies and boost confidence by showing clear optimization plan

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Key Features

“GOALS” Growth Planning Application

  • Automatically generate precise KPIs
  • Leverage best-practice go-to-market templates
  • Display plans with intuitive graphics such as Sankeys and funnel diagrams

Verticalized Messaging System

  • Rapidly segment audience into precise verticals and sub-verticals
  • Map each value prop to its relevant segment(s)
  • Compile segment- and channel-specific content in one central repository

Budget and Valuation Optimization Tools

  • Allocate variable and fixed costs by lead source
  • Calculate incremental revenue from each lead source on a first-touch basis
  • Model the impact on your company valuation of different go-to-market strategies
  • Optimize resulting revenue and valuation by shifting budget to more efficient sources
  • Simulate scenarios to optimize growth / budget / valuation
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The Premonio User Experience


Customizable revenue growth model


Minimal training and onboarding required


Simple and straightforward pricing with no hidden fees


Customer success teams on hand 24/7

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Success Stories

A Good Ending to a Hard Year

After COVID hit, even the best-laid revenue plans were out the window. Our customers worked with us to replan their pipeline and communicate to their boards convincingly what would still be feasible 2020 revenue goals.


  • They all had hit or beaten their forecasts by the end of 2020.
  • Boards were reassured and no one lost their job.
  • One company was acquired in Q1 2021, owing largely to the predictability of their 2020 results.
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