Premonio "GOALS" - Fast & predictable revenue growth for CXOs

“GOALS” = Growth Optimization and Acceleration System

Faster time to revenue

  1. Planning model creation in hours
  2. Optimized growth plan <2 weeks
  3. Less time planning, less friction
  4. Faster recovery from dead ends

Predictive, accurate forecasts

  1. NO missed goals due to over-forecasting
  2. Capture ALL lead sources in a holistic model
  3. Integrated revenue & budget forecast
  4. Scenario modeling optimizes all variables

Resource & budget efficiency

  1. “As Is” baseline calibrates model
  2. “Plan” layers in growth to scale
  3. “Plan Optimized” maximizes yield
  4. Aligns teams to clear, shared goals

Faster time to revenue

Quicker turnaround / (re)launch

  • Restore growth via rapid, precise diagnosis and formulate quantified get-well plan quickly
  • Launch new growth with best practice go-to-market template(s) and benchmarked KPIs

Rapid strategy formulation

  • Automatically integrate quantified growth plan: All lead sources & stages, lead conversions & and velocities, budgets and KPIs by lead source
  • Simulate scenarios to optimize growth / budget
  • Quantify goals and KPIs to easily stay on track

Less time planning

  • Intuitive graphics and narratives make for convincing board and executive buy-in
  • Clarity of goals and purpose streamline staff meetings to communicate plans and KPIs

Accurate & realistic forecasts

Achieve forecasting accuracy without prior data

By Q2 of 2020 all bets were off without precedent. Our customers wanted our help to replan their pipeline and communicate to their boards convincingly what would still be feasible 2020 revenue goals.


Case Studies: Happy 2020 ending

They all hit or beat their forecasts and no one lost their jobs. One was acquired in Q1 2021, helped by the predictability of their 2020 results.

Optimized & efficient budgets

3% to 10% incremental revenue gain …

  • Allocate variable and fixed costs by lead source
  • Calculate the incremental revenue from each lead source on a first touch basis
  • Optimize the resulting revenue by shiftnig budgets to more efficient sources





Note: A lead source’s “yield” is the ratio of X$s of revenue generated for each $1 spent

… by optimizing “yield” per lead source

Realistic KPIs

Auto-generate clear KPIs with direct line of sight to revenue

These KPIs are your “early warning system” to know if you’ll hit your revenue goals or need to course correct

Know in week 4 of the quarter if you’ll make it – not on day 93+

Convincing board materials

Whether you are restoring growth or launching quickly, saving time and political capital aligning the other executives and the board to your growth strategy gets you on to driving revenue growth that much faster.

Whether it’s the Sankey view of your integrated growth strategy, the optimized budgets, or the precise KPIs our GOALS application auto-generates, or clearly defined precision segmentation targets, compelling value propositions, or your go-to-market system and tech stack, in less than a month you can have all that built with the associated, well-reasoned presentation.

Our job is to make you successful, and we can … at speed

Why “Growth Architecting”?

  • You want an integrated, proven system that is both strategic and tactical, and that is cost-effective and ready to go in days or weeks, not months
  • You can’t waste time with reinventing the wheel or hiring specialized skills, or with paying an army of contractors to train them in what you already knew

Why “Science of Revenue “?

  • By being highly analytical and metrics-driven, our modeling and planning system is results oriented and gives you early warning if goals are at risk
  • When you implement our transparent system, the resulting accountability enables you to accurately and predictably drive your growth

Why “B2B Cloud Startups”?

  • B2B tech companies often launch without knowable data. New markets don’t have statistics, and analytics tools don’t work without data – GOALS does!
  • If your revenue is between $0M and $10M, we have a proven track record of rapidly planning growth and scaling demand gen engines