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Sales, Marketing & Revenue: From Dissonance to Symphony

Last Thursday (March 14, 2024) marked a milestone for Premonio as we launched our inaugural “Revinar,” (aka Revenue Webinar 🙂 heralding the beginning of a series of anticipated on- and offline thought leadership events sharing practical insights from CXOs for other growth and startup company leaders.

We were honored to welcome two distinguished guests, tech CRO Jason Hills and our CMO Martin Doettling. You can watch the 30 minute video recording of this Revinar on YouTube at this link.

Our discussion was around the theme of “Sales, Marketing, and Revenue: From Dissonance to Symphony“, sharing insights gained from their collaborative journey as CRO and CMO, jointly addressing the growth challenges many companies are grappling with. We aimed to maintain a conversational tone, ensuring our focus remains squarely on revenue certainty and its profound impact, as well as the strategies to achieve it.

Martin initiated the discussion by shedding light on how macroeconomic shifts and evolving buyer behaviors have reshaped the B2B landscape, necessitating adaptive sales strategies. Jason underscored the importance of embracing digital interactions and implementing rapid feedback loops to refine lead-generation tactics.

Martin and Jason kicked off the dialogue by sharing a common narrative in many corporate settings: the perennial finger-pointing between sales and marketing. While the sales team often points the finger at marketing for delivering unqualified leads, marketing, in turn, accuses sales of not effectively leveraging those leads. Drawing from their extensive collaboration at LinkLive, where they served as CRO and CMO, respectively, Jason and Martin offered unique perspectives on overcoming this age-old challenge.

Their collaborative experience highlighted the importance of extreme transparency and aligning marketing and sales around revenue goals through bi-weekly check-ins. The duo found themselves faced with a specific mandate from the board to generate a substantial amount of new business by 2024. Presented with two options—adhering to the traditional siloed approach or tackling a novel collaborative strategy—Jason and Martin opted for the latter, leveraging Johannes’ expertise to maintain transparency and collaboration across the organization.

They swiftly recognized that the blame game between sales and marketing was counterproductive. Instead, they prioritized shared goals and revenue targets, acknowledging that traditional lead generation methods were no longer efficacious. They started to experiment, tracking performance meticulously to make rapid adjustments.

On the marketing front, they conducted a thorough reassessment of conversion rates and channels, incorporating Johannes’s insights and benchmark data. They honed in on three key channels—LinkedIn, email, and events—and devised a plan they believed would yield quality leads for the sales team. Collaborating closely with Jason’s sales strategy, they ensured alignment and coherence in their approach. Martin further expounded on the development of an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and messaging strategy to bolster sales effectiveness and confidence.

Key takeaways from the webinar include the imperative of prioritizing revenue modeling over lead generation and nurture a culture of experimentation and collaboration to effectively adapt to the changing B2B landscape. Rapid experimentation and cultural openness are the main factors for success in an environment where traditional formulas no longer suffice.

We are grateful to everyone who attended this “Revinar” and hope the insides were helpful. We would like to invite you to our subsequent “Revinar” sessions and Revenue Collective “RevCo” events in the Bay Area, where we can connect and share knowledge. 

Next Premonio events: 

  • April 11 9 am – Revinar with Joe Connolly, CEO of Pacific Yurts & Managing Director, Crown Capital
  • May 2 9 am – Revinar with Marc Friend, CEO of Rapid, Ironman, GP at USVP, Summit Partners
  • May 30 1 to 6 pm – Revenue Collective “RevCO” networking event in San Francisco, location TBD

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