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B2B Tech Marketing Community Weekly Newsletter: Nov 21, 2019

2019 NOVEMBER 21 FOCUS: “Building a Winning Value Proposition”:

Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter. This week we are focusing on new tools and approaches to building a powerful, sustainable value proposition.

All too often, value propositions are fluffy slogans that fail to convince the analytical scrutiny of a seasoned, professional buyers or can’t survive intact under a competitive onslaught. What is the alternative? There are several novel approaches as well as some good, old fundamental reasoning that, when they’re brought together, will result in the formulation of a tight value proposition that convinces both, the heart and the mind of your prospects.

Many of you are busy practitioners, building pipeline or brands and may not have the time to stay ahead of these exciting trends. For you we’re listing a few useful posts and articles for practitioners trying to get an overview of some useful techniques to help build where it all starts: Your sustainable, competitive value proposition.


The Logic – How to derive and define a tight Value Proposition:

  • MarqetU’s approach to quantifying the “Value” in a Value Proposition – Link
  • 4 Tools to create a strong B2B Value Proposition – Link
  • “>X’s” Value Proposition Design Toolkit – Link

The Passion – How to compellingly tell your Story:

  • 10 Templates to rethink how you write your Value Proposition – Link
  • TED talk on the art of Storytelling as a powerful communication tool – Link



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  • Apr 23 – 24: Topo Summit 2020”; Register here


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