Science of Revenue

Accurate and predictable pipeline planning. Trust (y)our data.

What we do

With Premonio, you can build accurate demand generation models and forecasts using our “Science of Revenue,” breaking down pipeline into its various sources by measurable steps. Our expertise with tight analytics, combined with cloud-based MarTech and machine learning tools, gives you an unprecedented level of demand gen insights.


You will know where you stand, and what works … or doesn’t.

How we do it

  • Accurate demand generation models
  • Forecasting by modeling lead flows, sales capacity, campaigns
  • Play-by-play decomposition of pipeline into measurable steps
  • Revenue contribution analytics
  • Cloud-based analytics from apps like Marketo and Salesforce

What we’ve done

“Accurately forecasted lead and pipeline growth and hit goals within 0% to +10% of forecast, while hitting a spend target of 98% of annual budget” (eHealth)