Growth Architecting

We help you architect and (re)build your integrated go-to-market pipeline across sales, marketing and customer success ... and then make it trackable

What we do

Like a big band jazz ensemble, rapid growth requires the complete integration of multiple elements into a smoothly executing whole, yet capable of improvisation. Our approach to demand generation builds on a precise model of your entire demand generation engine. This makes all sources of growth intuitively visible and measurable, allowing you to communicate and track them easily, and begin to drive accountability and efficiency so you can scale.

We start with highly targeted segments with relevant offerings, clear differentiation and thought leadership. Based on that, we architect your demand generation engine around the needs of your market and the niches you can own within it.

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How we do it

With your overall strategic intent clarified (or defined), we pressure-test qualitative AND quantitative answers to these CXO-level questions so you can track your go-to-market performance against plan:



How much pipeline do we need, by when, from which sources, to make our bookings goals in quarter X / year Y?



How do we optimally allocate budgets across all our principal pipeline sources (i.e. sales, SDRs, marketing, partners, referrals)?



How do we model the impact of different strategies and scenarios?



How much will our demand generation engine cost as % of pipeline and bookings?



How does our “pipeline yield” compare to our competitors and industry benchmarks?

What we’ve done

“Identified and sourced 75% of new sales pipeline in 3 quarters” (Information Security)